beplay开户网站 “Code of Conduct” and “Responsible Sourcing”



Allied’s 供应商行为守则 sets out the standards of behavior we expect of all suppliers doing business with beplay开户网站, 无论他们在世界上的任何地方. 我们希望我们的供应商遵守我们的商业原则, 本守则所列明的, and to share our commitment to sound and ethical business conduct.
供应商被要求与他们的员工分享守则, 合作伙伴, sub-contractors and suppliers involved in the supply of goods or services to beplay开户网站, 并要求他们的伴侣, sub-contractors and suppliers comply with the Code as if they were the supplier itself.

1. 遵守法律法规
所有beplay开户网站的供应商和他们的员工必须, 作为最低标准, comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

•不从事反竞争行为, 贿赂或腐败, nor must they permit anyone acting on their behalf to engage in such activities.
•确保所有产品, services and shipments for beplay开户网站 adhere to all applicable international trade compliance and export laws, 规则和条例.

2. 员工
beplay开户网站 suppliers are expected to provide an inclusive working environment in which their employees should feel respected and valued, and in which they are able to make the best use of their skills, 不受歧视和骚扰.
• Employ only workers who meet the minimum applicable legal age requirement. 供应商必须遵守所有适用的童工法律和, 不论当地的做法如何, 不得雇用任何16岁以下人士.
• Set employees’ working hours and pay in compliance with all applicable laws. 员工 should be paid at least the minimum legal wage or a wage which reflects local industry standards, 哪个更大.
•不 engage in or support the use of forced or compulsory labor. Suppliers must not procure work or service from any person under the threat of any menace. Suppliers’ employees must be free to leave their employment with reasonable notice, and they must not be required to surrender any passports or work permits as a condition of employment.
•不得以种族为由歧视员工, 国籍, 性别, 性取向, 婚姻状况, 宗教, 政治信仰, 残疾或年龄.
•以尊严和尊重对待员工, 不要表现出冒犯他人的行为, 侮辱或威胁他人.

3. 健康和安全
beplay开户网站 is committed to ensuring the safe and responsible operation of its business at all times. beplay开户网站 expects its suppliers to demonstrate a similar regard for the health and safety of its employees and to users of any materials supplied to beplay开户网站.
•至少, 遵守所有适用的健康和安全法律, 法规和标准, and any additional health and safety requirements stipulated by beplay开户网站 as a condition of supply.
确保安全的工作环境, and minimize physical and chemical hazards through proper design, 工程和过程控制, 预防性维护和安全工作程序.
• Provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment, and adequate training.

4. 环境
beplay开户网站 believes that protecting the environment by minimizing its environmental impact will help to secure the long term future of its business. beplay开户网站 expects environmental protection to be a similar priority for its suppliers in all significant aspects of their activities.
•至少, 遵守所有适用的环境法律, 法规和标准, 并维护所有必需的环境许可证和执照.
•控制污染, consume resources effectively and use materials that minimize the environmental impact of operations.
•努力减少或消除固体废物, wastewater and air emissions by implementing appropriate conservation measures in their production and facility processes.

5. 道德
beplay开户网站 expects its suppliers to commit to the highest standards of ethical behavior when dealing with their employees, 他们自己的供应商和客户.
•禁止所有形式的欺诈, 欺骗, 他们的雇员贪污和勒索, 军官, 董事或代理.
• Accurately report information regarding their business activities and performance in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
• Respect intellectual property rights and safeguard third parties’ confidential information.
• Uphold all internationally recognized human rights wherever their operations are based.
• Ensure their products do not incorporate “conflict minerals” (minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, 并由武装组织出售或交易, most predominantly in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries), and perform sufficient due diligence on their own supply chains to ensure that any materials sold to beplay开户网站 containing tin, 钽, 钨或金来自无冲突的冶炼厂.

6. 反腐败
beplay开户网站 is committed to complying with all anti-corruption laws that prohibit bribes, kickbacks and other corrupt actions to obtain or retain business, 或获得任何不正当的利益.
•至少, comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws when conducting business with beplay开户网站.
•不, 直接或间接, 接受或提供任何形式的贿赂, kickback or other corrupt payment from or to any person or organization, 包括政府机构, 私营公司及其雇员.
• Ensure any gifts or hospitality offered to beplay开户网站 employees are customary and reasonable in terms of value and frequency, and not intended to improperly influence a business decision or impair independence or judgment.
• Ensure any third parties who provide goods or services on their behalf operate at all times in accordance with these standards.
Suppliers who have a serious concern regarding any issue which may breach this Code should raise the matter with the appropriate beplay开户网站 senior management.